It’s About Time

Digital Strategy • Website & CMS Development • Mobile Development

Named the #1 bank in Illinois, Lakeside Bank made a monumental rebranding and marketing push at the start of 2016. During the campaign strategy phase, DIESELHAUS was chosen to help conceptualize a new digital presence that would expand the bank’s core commercial business clientele to include a broad, multi-cultural consumer audience.

Building on the brand’s new mantra “It’s about time.”, we crafted a fast-navigating, easy-to-use website geared specifically to help new customers learn about the bank’s products and services, and to help existing customers find their preferred resources in seconds. Complete with online banking integrations, branch and ATM location services, was further refined for mobile users — the bank’s fastest growing avenue of online consumer traffic — to provide an even faster experience for its users on the go.

DIESELHAUS worked with Lakeside to completely restructure and reorganize the content, creating a digital experience that made it easy to research products and services, and ultimately create new bank accounts. The cleaner layout, user-centered navigation, and bold product narratives maintain the brand’s theme while still delivering performance across all devices.

See It Live

DIESELHAUS did a superb job, always exceeding our expectations. Work was imaginative, on-time and on-budget. They were patient as our internal review processes sometimes slowed things down. And then they helped us make up time. They took banking – which can be a complicated subject – and made our new site simple, visually powerful and easy to navigate. And DIESELHAUS was a pleasure to work with. Their attitude was always, “What can we do to help?” And, “Yes, we can figure out a way to do that.” They always proposed innovative ideas, too. I enthusiastically recommend DIESELHAUS to all!

Alan Rose, Senior VP / CMO
Lakeside Bank