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Our Process


We build from scratch, from unique ideas, to create digital products and platforms that haven’t been created before.

DJ Esquivel
Dieselhaus, CEO

Faster by design.

It happens quickly at DIESELHAUS. Our rapid design/build process turns rough ideas into finished products, with time to spare.

Following the steps below, we create leading software platforms, mobile applications and websites for the worlds fastest companies. We plan and launch in one seamless flow, tackling projects big and small in the shortest timeframes imaginable.

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1. Plan

We begin all engagements by gaining a deep understanding of your business and organization. During this phase we undergo an in-depth analysis of your project’s primary objectives, clearly articulating what we’re building and who we’re building it for. We collaborate with our clients to evaluate technical requirements and content goals, planning a complete road map for your project. Design, development and content creation are at the center of our discussions.

Our Approach
  1. Project Analysis
  2. Audience Analysis
  3. Competitive Research / Review
  4. Establishment of High-level Goals
  5. Feature / Functionality Definitions
  6. User Experience Strategy
  7. Information Architecture
  8. Technical Architecture
  9. Content Inventory

2. Launch

At this stage, crude wireframes evolve into functional prototypes for desktop and mobile testing. We collaborate with end-users to refine our user experience flow, screen layouts and visual design concepts. When development nears completion, we provide client reviews for final considerations and acceptance testing. During testing we create a bug resolution log to ensure that all issues are addressed. When the QA process is complete, we work with your teams to coordinate deployment.

Our Approach
  1. Project Team Working Sessions
  2. User Experience Flowchart
  3. Wireframe Prototypes
  4. UI Behavior Specifications
  5. Visual Design Concepts
  6. New Content Considerations
  7. Front-end Development
  8. Backend Programming
  9. Content Population
  10. Beta Testing
  11. User Acceptance Testing
  12. Launch!

3. Nonstop Innovation

Over time, changes occur. Changes in economy, technology, trends, user behavior, competition and opportunity. When market dynamics shift, so does the need to evolve your digital platforms. Our clients work with us on a continual basis to evolve their platforms and plan for the future.

How We Help
  1. Quarterly Check-Ins
  2. Growth Analysis
  3. Opportunity Identification
  4. New Products & Services
  5. Prototyping
  6. Beta and In-market Pilots
  7. Launching

Dieselhaus was able to take my vision after one meeting, communicate through the process and get it done. It was a seamless process, very easy, exactly what I'm looking for in a provider.

Brenda Ward
Director of Business Operations, Beary Landscaping